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Atlantic Pacific Mining’s low cost exploration and development model for precious metals enables us to build leverage through a strong price for gold in the last 10 years, thereby affording us the opportunity to operate without significant costs of hedging. Atlantic Pacific Mining is ideally positioned within the Latin American Region to enable us to capitalise upon the immense undiscovered reserves situated throughout Central and South America.

Atlantic Pacific Mining’s exploration activities include a range of projects at various stages in the exploration and development process. Our projects include a strong near term production potential at a mine in Peru, with further development rights for the territory expected to be completed in 2012. We are also committed to resource expansion by negotiating mining leases at adjacent territories to those where mineral deposits have been successfully discovered and developed.

Atlantic Pacific Mining is also negotiating value-added investment opportunities in projects throughout Latin America. A planned venture with a South African Producer of gold and copper to lead the exploration of a 3,455 hectare territory in Ecuador as well as numerous negotiations in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Atlantic Pacific Mining is one of the safest exploration and mineral development companies in the Americas. We ensure high levels of responsibility and sustainability in our operations, leading our industry in terms of the highest standards of Social Responsibility. We have a strong safety record and exceed the highest standards in environmental protection, providing Atlantic Pacific Mining with an advantage in the negotiation of exploration and development rights with landowners and governments.

Atlantic Pacific Mining’s commitment to a recurrent process of negotiating, exploring, discovering, developing, extracting and capitalising upon our existing assets and reserves, enables the creation and enhancement of shareholder value over the long term.

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