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Atlantic Pacific Mining’s projects are situated in the some of most highly productive areas in the Americas. In 2011, Atlantic Pacific Mining continued our outstanding track record of discovery throughout our exploration and development operations.

Resources and reserves are critical to the success of our business at Atlantic Pacific Mining. Reserve discovery is an essential factor in our continued success, through discovery or acquisition. Atlantic Pacific Mining’s considerable success can be largely attributed to our process of continual investment in exploration territories and through acquiring properties with strong potential, enabling the Atlantic Pacific Mining to expand upon our exceptional history of discovering reserves of gold, silver and PNG’s.

Atlantic Pacific Mining has now achieved critical mass in our extensive portfolio of exploration projects in what our experts believe to be some of the highest potential quality regions in the Americas. A considerable amount of our exploration capacity is situated adjacent to existing operations, where the probability of discovering reserves of gold, silver and PNG’s is greatly improved and the cost of development is significantly reduced.

At Atlantic Pacific Mining, we believe that there is an exceptional potential for our team to achieve further discoveries which will expand our reserves at our existing operations. Atlantic Pacific Mining’s 2011-12 budget for exploration is geared in favour of short-term additions of reserves and through the provision of support for initial stage exploration in its principal territories.

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