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Atlantic Pacific Mining is a pioneering mineral exploration company focussing on resource exploration and development for gold, silver and Platinum Group Metals (PNG’s). Atlantic Pacific Mining as ideally positioned within Latin America to enable us to capitalise upon the immense undiscovered reserves situated throughout region.

Production of gold, silver and Platinum Group Metals in countries such as Chile, Peru, Brazil and Argentina has steadily grown in recently, lifting the region to be one of the major spheres of precious metal production.

Atlantic Pacific Mining’s management team is of the firm belief that a proactive approach yields much better results. Our collective 200 years of experience in exploration in the Americas, from the Atlantic in the East to the Pacific in the West, in highly specialised fields including geomorphic modelling, geo-chemical sampling and geo-mechanical engineering, is supported by decades of outstanding performance in business management.

Atlantic Pacific Mining is proud of our reputation as a highly responsible gold exploration and development company, both within the industry and the localities where we work. The company has maintained an exceptional level of commitment to exceeding the very highest levels of sustainability within the environment, as well as within the communities where we work.

Atlantic Pacific Mining’s commitment to a recurrent process of negotiating, exploring, discovering, developing, extracting and capitalising upon our existing assets and reserves enables the creation and enhancement of shareholder value over the long term.

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