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Atlantic Pacific Mining is a pioneering mineral exploration company focussing on resource exploration and development for gold, silver and Platinum Group Metals (PNG’s). Atlantic Pacific Mining leverages our considerable technical and operational expertise to operate throughout Latin America in a varied range of projects, from identifying exploration targets through to the negotiation of mining rights.

Atlantic Pacific Mining’s strategy is underpinned by continual growth from:

•  Developing, expanding or acquiring established projects

•  Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of our exploration

•  Discovery of new deposits and implementation of production strategy

•  Constantly refining our techniques and the technologies which support enable them

•  Systematic selection and targeting of opportunities for expansion throughout Latin     America

Atlantic Pacific Mining has projects at various stages of development in Central and South America. Atlantic Pacific Mining is dedicated to maximising the return on investment from these projects and continually growing the value of our assets. We also ensure that we maintain our high standing as a specialist exploration company with responsibility for the environment and the communities in the localities where we work, whilst being driven by enhancing value for our shareholders.

Our Projects

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